REMAKE : Seismic Risk in Ecuador
ANR Seismic Risk in Ecuador : Mitigation, Anticipation and Knowledge of Earthquakes (ANR-15-CE04-0004)

We propose to develop a pilot prototype of earthquake forecast model in Ecuador-Peru where major earth-quakes and tsunamis are likely to occur in the future.

The novelty of the model is that it will integrate our complete knowledge on faults, including their seismic potential quantitatively evaluated from geodetic, seismological and geological approaches.

The primary deliverable is the anticipation of the location, size, frequency, ground motions of future destructive events. Our project includes a focus on hazards and vulnerability in Quito, and the development of a near real-time seismic response platform. The model will greatly improve the seismic hazard assessment not only in Peru and Ecuador but also worldwide, where similar events are expected.

Our project builds upon a long-established collaboration with Ecuador-Peru partners, a privileged access to multiple data and already operating continuous sensor networks, and a solid interdisciplinary expertise.



Publication in JGR Solid Earth

Yepes, H., L. Audin, A. Alvarado, C. Beauval, J. (...)


Remake events

Remake Days : 26 - 29 September 2017

Place GREDEG lecture hall - Sophia Antipolis 250, (...)